Greater China Practices

We resolve to undertake and unceasingly refine our legal professionalism with in-depth knowledge of technology, to assist overseas client in entering into China, and assist domestic clients in entering into ventures worldwide. By synergizing local wisdoms and international professionals, we, Lee, Tsai & Partners, equipped ourselves as a Greater China Local Firm.
Speech Engagement

Teresa Huang was invited by CTBC Business School to speak on "The Role of Lawyers in Mergers and Acquisitions -- Behind the Contract Signing Ceremony" on May 8, 2018.

Media Interview

Jaclyn Tsai accepted an interview from CommonWealth Magazine on "Partying on the Tamsui - Creating the Tamsui River Life in Taipei" for its 37th anniversary issue.

Forum Discussion

Jaclyn Tsai was invited by Leopard Mobile to speak at the "Block-chaining a New Era - the Cryptocurrency New Future Forum" on May 29, 2018.

Forum Discussion

Jaclyn Tsai accepted an invitation from the Association for the Future Studies of Yanmingshan speak at the "Block-chaining the Future Summit" on May 23, 2018.

Blockchain business
Assisting clients in leveraging blockchain technology, provide compliance checks and explore new innovation possibilities.
Investment in China and Overseas Investment
Establish various forms of companies/funds/SPVs, complete the framework of complex investments and commercial transactions, and assist clients in realizing domestic and overseas investment and mergers and acquisitions
Mainland Enterprises Investing in Taiwan
Assist clients in understanding the policies and approval procedures for investment in Taiwan, assist in business negotiations, establish the transaction structure, and work with well-known Taiwanese law firms to realize all-round Taiwan investment legal services
Intellectual Property and Legal Services for High-tech Companies
Domestic and foreign applications and protection for patents, trademarks and copyrights, management and protection of trade secrets and intellectual property rights of high-tech companies, as well as intellectual property licensing and transfer.
Entertainment, Cultural and Creative Industries
To assist clients in the development of sino-foreign and cross-strait co-productions in film and TV shows, as well as developments in new media on the Internet. Our services include music, games, advertising and cultural entertainment activities.
Infrastructure and New Industries
Fully assist clients in providing policy consultancy and legal services for infrastructure and novel industries
Corporate Law, Labor Personnel and Tax Law
The firm has considerable experience in handling a company's daily businesses and key projects, improving various internal corporate rules and systems, establishing a standard contract management and legal risk management system, assisting client companies in compliance and internal control, providing advice and dispute resolution on the daily operations and human resources issues encountered, as well as provide reasonable tax planning to maximize client benefits
Banks and Finance
Providing financial legal services for financial institutions and enterprises, including corporate restructuring, financing, capital operations, and assisting clients in domestic markets and overseas in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries
Disputes Resolution
Representing clients in all forms of dispute resolution mechanisms, including negotiations, litigation and arbitration, as well as handling overseas litigation and, dispute resolution in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Legal services in antitrust and unfair competition areas
We provide comprehensive legal services to our clients on antitrust and unfair competition issues, including training on compliance and competition law, representing clients in administrative and judicial proceedings, and providing assistance on preparing and filing pre-merger reports
International Trade
Handle general international commercial transactions, international trade, and assist clients in anti-dumping and countervailing investigation procedures


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